Wenzhou Junyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Add.: No. 117, Kaixuan Second Road, International Auto Parts Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Ruian City, Zhejiang, China.
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Our enterprise is located in Ruian, a city well-known for the auto and motorbike parts with developed industrial chains. The location is only 10 minutes' travel to the crossing of express ways and railway stations. The transportation cost is significantly decreased.

Keeping consistent with the original product, we get the product optimized from the aspect of production process. The traditional manual product is reformed to be automatic or semi-automatic ones, which not only ensures the stability of technical parameters but also improves the performance of products.

Most of the products in auto wiper assembly are involved in our product range, such as the wiper motor, wiper linkage, wiper arm, wiper blade and windscreen washer motor. Additionally, we develop the heater blower motor, cooling fan motor and window regulator especially for the Russian market. The inventory of all the parts reaches 5000 to 10000, ensuring a quick delivery with 30 to 35 days.

Among the diversified wiper products, we may sell a single motor or linkage and also the wiper motor assembly and window regulator assembly. Flexible sales strategies are adopted to meet variable demands of clients.

With the perfection of the process and management, our automatic machine lowers the cost continuously.

Automated production reduces the deviation caused by manual operation as could as possible. Advanced and innovative testing equipment in the world is introduced continuously to ensure the high quality of our product consistent with high standard. Every batch of raw materials goes through the incoming inspection and casual inspection in warehouse. The raw materials with qualified specifications and dimensions are allowed to be stored in the warehouse.

In the process of making car accessories and finished car parts for each order, the supervisor in each workshop will carry out the production requirements according to requests of clients. Moreover, accessories and finished products assembly areas will be checked selectively every one hour by workshop supervisor and inspector. Each finished product has to be checked and accepted about all parameters and then packed and delivered. All our effort goes for supplying qualified and flawless product for customers.

We not only provide services related to product manufacture and exportation but also assist clients to develop new product, organize the inspection and exportation. We offer privilege to regular customers and customers whose purchase amount meets the conditions of our privilege. Affluent inventories are prepared so that customers don't need to make any inventory plan any more.