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Early on, we had only 3 Lada series of wiper motors. After years of development, our product catalogue covers a complete set of auto parts for Russian cars, including wiper motor assembly, heater blower motor assembly, cooling fan motor assembly and windscreen washer motor assembly.

At the beginning of 2011
The research and development group gathered data of samples from different clients and then developed new molds and tools. Performance parameters of our product were similar to the data of samples. Therefore, the technical parameters might be inconsistent with the original ones

In the first half of 2012
We cooperated with Avtokom, who was the OEM supplier of Lada car parts and got technical parameters of all auto components and original samples. Based on the obtained documents, we made major improvements on our existing products

Towards the end of 2012
We generally completed the modification to our Russian series products. All performance parameters were set according to OEM standards specified on customer’s drawing.

At the beginning of 2013
Our technical team starts to work on improving product process, manufacturing facility, and technical drawings of auto parts. In terms of production process, we get rid of obsolete process techniques based on the original Avtokom process, making products with higher quality. For manufacturing facilities, we make changes to simple equipment by adding automatic or semi-automatic features, improving the consistency on quality and production efficiency. Our technical team makes small changes to all drawings of product parts in order to guarantee the quality of raw material before it is accepted into the factory.

In the future
We are going to improve the manufacturing technique. With advanced equipment and tools, we will achieve technical standardization, production normalization and automation