Wenzhou Junyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Add.: No. 117, Kaixuan Second Road, International Auto Parts Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Ruian City, Zhejiang, China.
Tel.: +86-577-65569991
Fax: +86-577-65569997

The success of an automobile cannot be defined solely by its horsepower and torque. A discerning consumer will look at everything from wiper performance to power-window fluidity. As a prominent Chinese auto parts and auto accessories manufacturer, JUNYUAN is well-known for the provision of replacement car components that are both durable and effective. Our core products include the wiper motor, cooling fan motor, heater blower motor, window regulator, windscreen washer motor, and the wiper linkage. OEM service is available upon request.

Our company was incorporated in 2010 within the Chinese capital of auto and motorbike parts--Ruian. Every year, we produce 100,000 wiper motors, 100,000 heater blower motors, 100,000 window regulators, 200,000 windscreen washer motors as well as 100,000 sets of wiper arms and blades. As a global supplier, we export worldwide to countries and regions including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Poland, Argentina, Egypt, India, Iran, Spain, etc.

Our credibility is built on outstanding product quality. We continually upgrade our facilities with import machinery such as the automatic rotor winding machine, automatic spot-welding machine, comprehensive rotor tester, dynamometer, fan-balance testing machine, pump simulation tester, and much more. We operate in strict accordance with the 6s on-site management system. The optimization of core technologies allows us to maintain consistent quality standards. This firm commitment to production integrity has led to exclusive arrangements with original automakers and leading accessories suppliers. Our mission is to provide prospective customers everywhere with premium products at extremely competitive prices. Excellent after-sales services are available for the convenience of our valued clientele.

Our growing reputation and popular brand image are the result of highly-refined product quality. Hard work and perseverance have allowed us to remain on the cutting-edge of technology. With sincerity as our calling card, we will continue to excel on the global market!