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Rear Wiper Motor

Your powerless rear wiper lowers your visibility when you are backing your car on a rainy day. Maybe it’s time for you to replace the inefficient wiper motor with a powerful one! If you are in need for a rear wiper motor, then you have come to the right place. JUYUAN is a dedicated auto parts and accessories manufacturer. Shopping here for the right wiper motor that fits your car is easy, only at the click of a button!

Advantages Description
1.Expertizing in the manufacture of wiper motor, we offer the product strictly compliant with the original auto parts. Tested by authoritative institute in China, this electric component possesses the quality meeting the QC/T29090-92 technical requirements for vehicle wiper motor. Moreover, it conforms to the GOST quality certification system of Russia and other foreign certifications.

2. There are no defects like scratch, deformation and breakage on the clean and smooth surface of the windshield cleaning part. All the accessories are connected tightly without any loosening.

3. Stable cooperation with Avtokom that is the OEM supplier of Lada in Russia has been established for years. This electric machine has been exported to Russia for 6 years with an annual amount of 150,000.

In general, we have the ability to produce 300,000 motors annually and get 30,000 products delivered every month. Furthermore, our rear wiper motor comes with a long term warranty of 24 months.


Vaz2108, Vaz2109, Vaz1111, Vaz2121 Rear Wiper Motor
Product No. JY901
Catalog No.
OEM No. МЭ 241
OE No. 2121-6313100
Model Vaz2108 , Vaz2109 , Vaz1111 , Vaz2121
Voltage 12V
Power 2.5W
Vaz1119, Vaz1117 Rear Wiper Motor
Product No. JY902
Catalog No.
OEM No. 114.6313100
OE No. 1119-6313090
Model Vaz1119, Vaz1117
Voltage 12V
Power 10W
Vaz2172 Rear Wiper Motor
Product No. JY903
Catalog No.
OEM No. 116.6313100
OE No. 2172-6313090
Model Vaz2172
Voltage 12V
Power 10W
Vaz2111 Rear Wiper Motor
Product No. JY904
Catalog No.
OEM No. 11.6313100-10
OE No. 2111-6313090-10
Model Vaz2111
Voltage 12V
Power 10W
Vaz2123 Rear Wiper Motor
Product No. JY905
Catalog No.
OEM No. 113.6313100
OE No. 2123-6313090
Model Vaz2123
Voltage 12V
Power 10W
Vaz2112 Rear Wiper Motor
Product No. JY906
Catalog No.
OEM No. 111.6313100-10
OE No. 2112-67313090
Model Vaz2112
Voltage 12V
Power 10W
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