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Maybe you don’t think your malfunctioning car door window, wiper, or HVAC system is anything to fuss about. Even so, you may have experienced embarrassing moments when your car window gets stuck halfway going up or coming down, your powerless windshield wipers fight a losing battle with the rain, your car heater produces no heat on a bone chillingly cold day or your A/C offers you little cool air during a scorching hot summer day – things you just thought you had to live with. Why make do without the comforts that are common in other modern cars when all you have to do is having a new wiper motor, car door window regulator, heater blower motor, or cooling fan motor delivered to your doorstep. At JUNYUAN, shopping for replacement car parts and accessories is easy– we are there to help you select the right part that fits your car’s specific model, make, and year. Check out our wide range of options such as the wiper arm, wiper linkage and wiper blade, all available at the click of a button. JUNYUAN--perfection is in the details.Read More

    1. Wiper Motor

      Our wiper motor appears in tidy and smooth surface without defects of scratch, deformation and breakage. All the accessories are connected tightly without any loosing.
      It is warranted for a long time, namely 24 months.

    1. Cooling Fan Motor

      We are committed to the professional manufacture of cooling fan motor strictly on the basis of quality of the original car parts. Performance of our motor conforms to the OEM standards at home and abroad. This device is also certified by GOST quality system in Russia.

    1. Heater Blower Motor

      We are a professional manufacturer dedicated to quality motor consistent with the original manufacturer of the car parts. Moreover, the heater fan motor carries the GOST certification of Russia and its performance is compliant with national and international OEM standards. 12-month warranty is available.

    1. Window Regulator

      Certified by GOST quality certification system of Russia, the electric window regulating system has been exported to Russia for six years with an annual export amount of 150, 000. Additional, we also establish close cooperative relationship with Avtokom, which is the superior supplier of Lada auto plant.

    1. Windscreen Washer Motor

      Our windshield washer motor boasts its neat and smooth surface without defects like scratch, deformation and breakage. All the parts are tightly connected without loosing. Every year, this windshield cleaning system motor achieves the output of 800,000 annually.

    1. Wiper Linkage

      Our wiper fitting is characterized by smooth surface without scratch, deformation, damage and other defects. All the accessories are tightly connected without loosing.
      Both of the dimension and pendulum angle of the linkage conform to OEM standards.
      Ball of the linkage can rotate freely and the product has no fins and rags around. ...

  • Advantage
  • Our enterprise is located in Ruian, a city well-known for the auto and motorbike parts with developed industrial chains. The location is only 10 minutes’ travel to the crossing of express ways and railway stations. The transportation cost is significantly decreased...

  • Research and Development
  • Early on, we had only 3 Lada series of wiper motors. After years of development, our product catalogue covers a complete set of auto parts for Russian cars, including wiper motor assembly, heater blower motor assembly, cooling fan motor assembly and windscreen washer motor assembly.
    At the beginning of 2011, the research and development group gathered data of samples from different clients and then developed new molds and tools. Performance parameters of our product were similar to the data of samples. Therefore, the technical parameters might be inconsistent with the original ones.